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We will implement breathwork which is a powerful, bottom up process healing modality. Breathwork gives you the ability to experience shifts and healing  in the body first, with shifts in the mind to follow. Mindset work alone will change or reframe your thoughts but is not sustainable when the body is left unexplored. However, when we use breathwork and mindset, it is sustainable on a mind, body, soul level creating transformation from the inside out.

You will learn how to set worthy C type goals, remove limiting and non-serving beliefs, release and heal dense, stagnant energy and trauma in your body, embody self confidence, and go to the root cause of results to create permanent change, this is a program in the sub-conscious mind called a paradigm.

The paradigm is  a multitude of beliefs, habits and behaviors in the sub-conscious mind that are often unseen, but have almost complete control over your actions. You must understand that your current results are a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you, and until you change the inside, the outside doesn't change.

We take a deep dive into how the conscious and subconscious mind work and become aware of how our bodies are an instrument of the mind. When we heal our body and change our thinking, the way we feel changes then our behaviour changes, therefore producing new results. 

You will develop expanded awareness of yourself and the process of how your thoughts, feelings and actions become your reality, making you magnetic to your desires, anchoring you into your truth and sovereignty.

You will also learn practical tools to harness the power of the universal laws, and life long skills for sustained success. 

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